5 Tips for Hiring the Right Contractor for the Job

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Once you have decided to build or renovate your commercial space, the next step is to hire a general contractor. If you’re looking to hire commercial construction services in Northfield, IL, for example, you must know that the contractor is reliable, trustworthy, and competent; you are, after all, letting them into your space. Here are 5 things to think about and do before you make your general contractor selection.

Define Your Project Scope

New construction or remaking an existing space is exciting. It’s important, though, to not put the cart before the horse and take your time and document exactly what you want to do. You shouldn’t entertain any proposals or bids until you have meticulously mapped out exactly what you want and what you expect the finished product will look like and how it will function.

Map out Your Expectations in a Formal Bid

Make sure that all your expectations, from the quality of the materials used to schedule to the quality of the work done and payment schedules are detailed in a request for an estimate. Modify your request as you learn new information, but always make sure the contractors who are bidding know what you expect, up front. The more you detail for a commercial general contractor in Northfield, IL, the better off you will be as the job unfolds.

Interview at Least Three Contractors

This seems obvious, but a lot of times the choice of who to hire is influenced by friends, family members, co-workers, or other business associates to the detriment of the hiring process. No matter where you heard of a contractor or who recommends them, get at least two other competitive bids before making any decisions.

Check References beyond Friends and Family

The word of a friend or family member should and usually does carry a lot of weight, but it’s not enough when choosing a contractor or any commercial construction services in Northfield, IL. Ask the contractors that reply to your bid request to provide you with at least three contacts from work they have recently completed.

Establish Clear Benchmarks and Responsibilities before Hiring

Almost everyone has a story about a contractor that ran late or over budget, and sometimes, that’s inevitable. A job might not seem as complex as it is until you get into it. You need, however, to map out your expectations as much as possible and document them in a contract before you sign anything.

Choosing a general contractor can be a daunting task. Commercial construction services in Northfield, IL, are no exception. By carefully mapping out and following a selection process, though, you can make sure you get the best contractor for the type of construction services you want and need.

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