DEF Facts You might Not Know

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If you are a veteran at driving diesel engines, chances are very good you understand what Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) is and the importance of proper Diesel Exhaust Fluid packaging (DEF packaging.) If you are a newbie to diesel engines, however, this is a new and sometimes confusing world. Here are some facts about DEF and why it is Important.

DEF Reduces Pollution

DEF helps lower the amount of Nitrous Oxide in diesel emissions. Nitrous Oxide is harmful to people with reperitory issues and is reported contribute to heart disease in those who are exposed to it. By limiting the Nitrous Oxide in our air, DEF helps make us healthier.

DEF Is Readily Available

Almost all diesel engines now require DEF, which has increased demand and that has led to many businesses offering DEF at the fuel pump. For people who use a lot of the stuff, there are many options for DEF packaging to ensure they never run out of the stuff when they need it. Calculating the proper size DEF packaging can be tricky and for that, there are several DEF calculators online. Your local dealer can also help you gauge your usage and select the appropriate storage method.

DEF Lasts a Long Time If Properly Stored

Exposure to extreme temperatures or sunlight will reduce the shelf-life of DEF, but at a minimum, even exposed, your supply will be good for a year. In a climate controlled environment, with proper DEF packaging, the shelf-life is much more.

Frozen DEF Will Still Work

The freezing point of DEF is about 12 degrees Fahrenheit and with the typical concentration level of DEF, the urea and water freeze and thaw at the same time. Once thawed, DEF will work as usual, provided the DEF is up to ISO standards. If freezing is a possibility, it is important to let the battery in the vehicle operate for a minute before turning it off to let fluid drain back out of hoses and into the DEF tank. Also, no additives should ever be added to DEF as it will mess with the mixture percentages and not be as effective.

Systems Performance Limitations When DEF Runs Out

The EPA requires that everyone driving a diesel engine after 2010 use DEF and that if the DEF storage cell runs dry, the vehicle’s performance capabilities be reduced. This happens primarily via speed restrictions until the cell is replenished.

DEF is a powerful airborne pollutant reducer for diesel engines. Proper DEF packaging, though, is required to make sure your DEF remains effective. With proper management, your DEF will last a long time while helping improve the environment.

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