Fill Your Summer with the Fun of an Inflatable Boat

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Summer is short. Soak up as much sunshine and good times as you can. One of the best ways to enjoy summer is with 3 person inflatable boats. In fact, inflatables offer some distinct advantages for fun seekers. Here’s what people love about inflatable boats.

Lightweight Portability

Whether you’re carrying the boat from the car or taking it from lake to lake, you’ll appreciate how easy it is to lift and transport. You’ll never strain your back or exhaust yourself with an inflatable boat.

Easy for the Kids to Handle

An inflatable boat is so easy to carry that the kids can do it all by themselves. So even if you’re not around, or simply relaxing on the deck, the kids can carry it down to the water without your assistance.

Takes Little Space in Transit

When you go camping or on vacation, you probably pack a lot of gear in your vehicle. If you’re like many people, there might not be much space to spare. But because you can deflate this boat while in transit, it’s easy to pack into your vehicle. The same can be said for 3 person boat tubes.

Requires No Trailer

Unlike a conventional boat, you don’t have to worry about the hassles of hooking up a trailer to transport an inflatable boat. That allows you more time for fun.

Compact Storage at Home

Even if your boat stays at your home or lake cabin, you probably are still concerned with storage. In the off-season, you can deflate the boat and pack it away without devoting significant space in your garage.

Quick-Time Family Fun

With an inflatable boat, you’re moments away from fun. Just carry it down to shore and you’re set to go, without any rigorous boat launching. An inflatable boat allows for spontaneous fun whenever the mood strikes.

Combining Lightweight Construction with Durability

While lightweight in design, good quality inflatable boats are heavy duty in construction with strong vinyl and electronically welded seams. These combined features give you the best of both worlds.

Access Small and Remote Bodies of Water

Sometimes it’s fun to explore lakes, ponds, and streams that may not have a boat launch area. With an inflatable boat, you can still access these waters. Fishermen often like checking out bodies of water with little fishing pressure because that’s where many of the big fish may be hiding out.

Soak Up Sun and Fun in an Inflatable Boat

Families and friends seeking ways to spend fun time together love 3 person inflatable boats. There are few better ways to share good times than floating on a lake under summer sunshine.

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