How to Protect Yourself from Being Sued for Patent Infringement

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Intellectual property of a company is the result of the investment of resources and collective contribution of the mental and physical effort of one or several people. Such inventions can improve the market share or give one an upper hand in the competition. Using patented property of anyone else without their permission can put you at a higher risk. Whether it has been done knowingly or unknowingly, you need to think about the ways to defend yourself.

How does patent troll impact small business owners?

The patent generally trolls small businesses to take out payments from them. They are very well aware that the majority of lawsuits about patent infringement get settled. It has been found that approx. 96% of patent infringement lawsuits settle without the intervention of a judge. In many cases, even the merits of the argument are ignored. In these cases, a threatening or a demand letter is sent from the suing party to the infringer for the compensation of the monetary loss.

Do not ignore the charge

Some of the business owner after receiving a threatening letter chooses to ignore it. They think that by ignoring the matter or not responding to them they will go away. In reality, this is not the right thing to do. If the lawsuit is filed against you, then you need to take it in a very serious manner. Being careless would put your business in jeopardy. In those cases, calling patent infringement lawyers will be the best course of action.

Seek experienced assistance

At the time when a person gets sued, the infringer gets very little time to act to the charge. It is required to act and address the concern quickly. In such cases, you really require the help of a knowledgeable and competent authority who can come up with the best workable strategies.

Also, a legal dispute can be time consuming and draining. Turning to courts and attending court session has never been easy. A patent attorney is the one who can effectively take away the mystery out of a truly menacing process. He will take up the fight, and represent you in the best possible way so that you remain focused on the business than getting distracted.

Choose amicable settlement

To deal with patent breach case, you should opt for an amicable settlement. You need to listen to their concerns and state your condition in front of them peacefully. In case this doesn’t work then you need to get away with defensive mode and adopt a more attacking style.

Act in an aggressive and attacking manner

Many people when faced such charges, adopt defensive ways to protect them and minimize the impact of the consequences. In fact, on having being sued you need to act in an offensive and attacking manner. You should take an aggressive approach to fight back. Take those demanding letters seriously and learn all the different options to deal with the case strongly.


Patent owners for small businesses and start-up firms are becoming more arguable. These are some of the helpful ways that would surely protect you from severe legal repercussions.

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