Using API Debit Cards

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Over the past 10 years, the business world has shifted to often include contract or outsourced workers. Many of these employees are located remotely, and in many cases are technically self-employed. However, depending on the employee’s position and responsibilities, it might be necessary to provide them access to the company’s funds. As such, more business have started to use API debit cards with their employees.

What Is an API Card?

An API card is similar to a debit or credit card. They are often issued in a certain person or business’s name, to only be used by that party. These cards are pre-loaded with a certain amount of money determined by the company. Unlike a debit or credit card, API cards don’t actually have access to any specific account. An API card has its own balance, similar to how a gift card would work.  API cards, however, can have funds added to them after the original balance has been used, unlike most gift cards. Additionally, an API card doesn’t operate on any line of credit, as its balance is simply controlled by the issuer.


There are numerous advantages to using an API card with your employees. First of all, the card isn’t in any way connected to the company’s bank accounts. This also means that the contractor doesn’t have to have a bank account in the first place, let alone connect their personal account with the company’s. Companies using an API card don’t have to allow their employees access to important bank accounts, but instead can reload a pre-paid card as needed.

One of the key advantages of these cards is that funds can be transferred instantly, making it highly convenient for both the contractor and the company. If the employee runs out of funds at a crucial time, the card can be reloaded on the spot and the funds can be instantly accessed, unlike with a wire transfer or a transfer from one bank account to another.

Perhaps the most important advantage for organizations is that with an API card, an employee isn’t able to access a company’s accounts. Furthermore, the employee doesn’t have access to a company’s line of credit. This also means that it’s unnecessary to perform credit checks for contract employees that need the ability to pay for things using the company’s money.

Using an API debit card for employees has become a practical and ideal situation for many businesses.

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