Why Should You Hire a CPA?

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This tax season, you may be considering hiring a CPA to take care of your taxes. Many people find great success and satisfaction with hiring someone else to take care of things, but if you’ve never used an accountant’s services before, you may have a lot of questions. When first embarking into the adventures of adulthood, filing your taxes is actually pretty straightforward. Once you start taking on contact work, going into business, investing in your retirement, and branching out financially, however, the system is a lot less simple. If hiring a Los Angeles CPA is on your radar this year, read on for helpful tips and advice.

If You Own a Business

For small business owners, navigating the world of tax credits, deductions, and planning for retirement can be overwhelming. You are the group that stands to gain or lose the most when tax returns happen, so making sure to file things correctly and take advantage of everything offered will have a major impact on your bottom line. A CPA who knows tax codes and rules is well worth the investment, since you’ll save much more money than what you pay for their services.

If You Are Self-Employed

Along those same lines, people who are self-employed have more rigorous hoops to jump through in order to file taxes. Juggling W2 forms, 1090-MISC forms, multiple sources of income, diversified retirement investments, tax deductions, and everything else that goes into accurately handling taxes is often best left to the knowledgeable and experienced professionals.

If You Have Many Different Investments

For people involved in real estate or for anyone juggling HSAs, 401(k)s, IRAs, and many other types of tax-shielding investments, tax season is even more complicated. Add in capital gains, selling stocks, and the many other ways that people plan and save for retirement, and it is essential to ensure that your taxes get filed correctly and fairly. Rather than dealing with the stress yourself, many people choose to hire someone who already knows all the rules and how to get the most savings.

If Something Feels Off

If you’ve recently gone through major life changes, have questions about specific areas of filing your taxes, or simply feel like you’re getting shorted on your tax return, hiring a Los Angeles CPA can be extremely beneficial. Many people find that their return is much greater (or their payment is much lower) when an experienced accountant gets involved.

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